Tommy Murphy

Company Director

As joint Managing Director of Octoberstone, Thomas’ experience and expertise is in getting to grips with broad ranging and complicated communication briefs, developing design strategies, applying structure and direction, while also maintaining an eye for detail.

Tommy brings a hugely insightful mind to problem solving and that's what design is often about. How to get one piece of information to transfer successfully from one point to another. As a visual communications designer Tommy excels in analysing what's needed and what can be stripped away.

At Octoberstone, Tommy helps companies realise their true potential by radically improving their web strategy and integrating their business processes within overall web-based solutions. Tommy says "Octoberstone don't just design websites, they design and build mini-clouds" Octoberstone enables information to flow freely, efficiently and with style!

Specialties: Taking the complex and making it simple! Solving complex problems through the engagement of positive emotions. To quote Mr Cobb in the movie 'Inception' ..."ultimately a positive emotion will always trump a negative one"

Twitter: @murphydesigner
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LinkedIn: Tommy Murphy

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